consulting packages

Let us build and support your custom business software.
We will work with you to develop a system that is right for your business, and help you create something that can be relied on for years to come.

Pre-project Consulting

For new projects, this is our initial engagement. We will learn about your idea from our angle as software consultants, understand what you envision your system to be and the scope of the required software.

This is free of charge as we recognise it is an important first step for any custom software development project.

From here, we can ascertain if we are a good fit for each other and move on to estimate a ballpark budget for your project.

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Technical Consulting

This is where your project really starts, as we dive in and study how we can turn your concept into an implementable solution.

We will advise and provide consulting to your questions and worries for your project’s IT system software, infrastructure and post-project support concerns.

We will write up a project proposal document that will include:

  • Technical Design and Requirements
  • Project Scope and Roadmap
  • UI/UX Wireframes/Mockups (Optional)

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Baseline and Legacy System Study

Is there an existing software system that you would like to study? We can do a baseline study of the system for you to decide if it is something you want to model after.

Or are you having issues with your existing system or your development team? We will be glad to take a look and give you an honest assessment.

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development packages

With our development packages, you get a software team dedicated to your business’s success with milestone or monthly payments.
Below are the packages suited for the different types of the software life cycle.

Basic Web and Apps Development

Perfect for projects that you imagine does not contain a lot of functionalities, modules, workflows, users or user roles.

Usually, if project is simple and straightforward, within our 1st meeting, we will be able to work out the proposed solution to propose and quote.

If the requirements are already clearly and well-defined written down, we will be able to provide our proposal and quotation quickly too.

This package, usually includes one or all of the following software(s):

  • Server-Side Programming and Database
  • 1 x Admin Website Portal
  • 1 x User Website Portal
  • 1 x User iOS App
  • 1 x User Android App
  • Online Payment (eCommerce)

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Enhanced Web and Apps Development

This package is good for projects that are complex and/or require a centralised software system with many Server-side, Web, iOS and Android Apps integrated together ‘seamlessly’.

You may need to integrate or API to other 3rd party external systems. And you require advice or consulting for the IT System Software and Infrastructure desired.

This is also good for projects that does not have any user, business or software requirements written or documented yet. However, you have a very clear idea of the project scope and software requirements.

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Server Side (Linux/Unix) Development

Ideal for projects that only requires Server-Side Development, primarily in the Linux environment.


  • Linux Low Latency Distributed Systems
  • Linux C++/PHP Server Programs or any other Linux available programming language.
  • Server/Client APIs programs (TCP/IP, RESTFul, SOAP or any popular middleware that has ready API SDKs)

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Technology Focused Development

Targeted for projects that are centered around a certain technology.


  • iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.
  • Geofencing
  • WebRTC

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"Start Up" Development

For entrepreneurs and startups who seek to develop a never-been-done-before custom software.

This is to help turn your idea or concept into your company’s sleek, reliable and highly scalable software.

We will provide the technical development and IT Systems Infrastructure know-how to match your ideas for your startup software .

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CIO/CTO as a Service

In this package, we will cooperate with you just like we are your CTO, internal IT department or team. From software development to system IT Infrastructure management or administration, we will take on the aspect of your IT needs that you want us to handle.

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software support packages

We offer you software support packages for your custom apps.

Level 1 Support

Perfect for software that are more mission-critical and Client wants more support to help administrate, but Client will manage end-users themselves.

Level 1 support includes gathering and analysing information about User issues, and determining the best way to resolve their problem from other perspectives such as business, administrational and/or operational methods where possible.

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Level 2 Support

Perfect for software that are not mission-critical, and Client can administrate and manage end-users themselves.

Level 2 support assesses and provides solutions to issues that Level 1 support is not equipped to handle.

Level 2 support includes break/fix, configuration issues and troubleshooting issues.

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For other support requests, we can discuss and quote based on the level and type of support requested to fit more “intense” support needs.

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Being able to pull everything into our environment allows us to provide proactive support to our clients and keep our teams highly efficient during development. For example: