IoT Medical Device System


  • Secured Data Management System

    Web Portal, iOS & Android Apps

    • Admin to create accounts

    • Manage users and Line group

    • Display data created on device within 24hrs

    • Protects sensitive data with unique Account Code

    • Transfer of data to selected recipients

  • Data Distribution System

    Admin Web Portal

    • To enable configuration on recipients in order to send reports from device to Mobile & Line App

    Web Portal, iOS & Android Apps

    • Retrieval of data from devices

    • Upload data to cloud system

    • Display data from devices on secured Web App

    • Distribute data from devices through iOS & Android Apps

    • Enable receipt of data via Email & Line Apps

  • Remote Patient Monitoring System

    Web Portal

    • Seamless sharing of data via 4G network

    • Display real-time data transmitted from devices

    • Access of historic data

  • Notification System

    iOS & Android Apps

    • Alert notification when new data is available

    • Line App notification when new data is available

  • Localised Services System

    iOS & Android Apps

    • Multi-language options

    • Broadcast data to 3rd party application e.g. Line App’s Groups

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